Agro film

Agro film can be divided into a) blown – 3 to 7 layers and b) cast – 5 to 7 layers

Cast and blown films demonstrate UV stabilization for at least 1 year and it is primarily used in the agriculture industry. The foil is mainly used for packing round bales with various forage, clover grass, clover and others. The multi-layered coating (4-6 layers) ensures a hermetic closure of the pressed fodder together with lactic acid bacteria, thus ensuring the desired fermentation and preservation of the feed for at least 1 year.

The film is characterized by a high external stickiness and at the same time the inside of the film is smoothed. This ensures a perfect bonding of the individual layers and at the same time a smooth package on the outside of the bale, which ensures trouble-free handling. In case of mechanical damage of the packaging by a sharp object, the foil can be sealed with special PVC UV stabilized tape.

500 - 750mm


19 - 25 µm


white, black, light green, per request


plastic / paper