Palletizing bags

Previous Next Palletizing bags are with storages suitable for pallet packaging without the need for overlapping foil roofs. Bags are made of primary (subject to strict hygienic requirements) or recycled granulates (resulting from recycling of used LDPE foil). Microperforation measures that are suitable for packaging of goods with a need to remove excessive humidity Possible […]

LDPE bags and sacks

Previous Next LDPE bags and sacks are the most common packaging materials. It is used for regular consumption at home or office as well as for the industrial use with a specific purpose – food bags, bags for packing goods to be transported, and many others. The LDPE foil is used as a hose version […]

LDPE top sheets

Previous Next LDPE foils with individual sheets separated by perforation and wound on roll in a flat foil or non-perforated version. Unlike the machine version, the individual overlays are torn off and placed on a pallet, which is then wrapped with stretch film. LDPE top sheets are used to protect pallets and goods during transport […]

LDPE shrink film

Previous Next LDPE shrink foil is suitable for group fixation and protection of goods in various industries. The material was shrunk with warm air (120 °C) in a respective machine. After softening the foil is shrunk and therefore the shrink foil forms with the shape of packaged goods. Once the foil is cold-downed, it solidifies […]