We will help you with the packaging materials, processes and technologies
DALUS-Tichelmann is a leading manufacturer and distributor of packaging materials and technology. We use the latest innovation in the field to reduce the impact of packaging products on the environment.
We deliver quality products with a guaranteed price on the market
Our company specializes in the production of pre-stretch and stretch films in the Czech Republic using the latest technologies and materials.
We will guide you through the entire process from the purchase of the packaging materials to a fast delivery
Our company belongs to a large group Tichelmann that has been on the market for 20 years and has more than 300 customers all over Europe. We build our values on long-term cooperation with our partners and tailor products for our customers.

Product and technology

We offer unique packaging materials, techniques and processes using the latest technology available on the market.

Customer and flexibility

We focus on real customer needs and are flexible to their needs. We also value our long-term partners.

Sustainability and economy

We produce products to reduce the impact on the environment and believe in the continuous development of input materials.

Our offering

We offer a wide range of packaging materials with a focus on polyethylene materials such as stretch, LDPE and HDPE films to protective packaging, agricultural products, strapping and adhesive tapes.

Our goal is to offer the products we believe in while helping to continually reduce the impact of manufacturing of industrial packaging on our environment.

We provide and distribute suitable packaging technology in order to significantly streamline and automate your packaging processes. We offer a comprehensive range of machines from wrapping, strapping, shrinking to palletizers.

We will advise you on the complex business questions regarding your packaging processes and optimization of packaging consumption and generated waste as well as designing the right load stability procedures across small and large enterprises.

As the only domestic manufacturer we use unique packaging materials for the stretch production

We use a unique material in the production of stretch foils, which ensures high durability and overall economic appreciation when used correctly by up to 30%. 

  • Super thin film with unique features
  • No more unpacked pallets and less damaged goods
  • Significantly reduce packaging consumption and ensure high sustainability
  • Hand and machine versions
years of experience in the industry
millions (€) annual turnover of the group
satisfied customers
tonnes of sold goods in 2018