Packaging materials

Stretch films ensure the easiest and fastest fixation of your goods. At the same time, the products protect perfectly against mechanical and other damage. Stretch films are suitable for protection with high resistance, variability, efficiency at a relatively low cost. Stretch films are a subcategory of the entire LDPE group.

LDPE materials provide perfect fixation and protection of the goods against mechanical damage, dust and moisture. The production process starts with pure granulate that ensures a clear transparent film suitable for packaging items while adhering to strict hygienic conditions.

HDPE films are suitable for food and printed packaging due to their resistance, matte transparency and odorlessness. HDPE has a matt finish and stiffness compared to LDPE. Therefore, HDPE films are more rigid while minimizing film thickness, but do not have shrinkage properties like LDPE films.

Agriculture materials are suitable for specific agricultural needs. The main packaging materials are based on LLDPE foil bases, which can be packed and sealed to provide milk fermentation of stored goods.

The protective foils include bubble film or bubble foam. They are particularly suitable for packaging fragile and easily damaged products. Other packaging materials are PVC, which is excellent for fixing goods of various shapes, and polyolefin films that compared to PVC films are more environmentally friendly.

Strapping with straps and buckles is a cheap, efficient and practical way of securing goods during transportation. The technology ensures perfect fixation and high strength. In our wide selection, you will find various kinds of strapping tapes, buckles and other accessories.

Adhesive tapes are among the basic packaging and fixing material, which is widely used in many areas of the industry. Tapes are especially suitable for pasting paper or cardboard boxes. In our assortment, you can find polypropylene, polyethylene, crepe, double-sided and printed tapes.