Previous Next It is used to unwind strapping bands with a diameter of 200 to 405mm and guarantees easy handling of strapping goods. High mobility of strapping tools leading to faster strapping Easy handling of the dispenser without demanding transfer of disks

Hand strapping tool

Previous Next It is used for tensioning binding straps (mainly PP and PET) by metal clips. The most commonly used types are XL + H22 for a tape up to 19 mm and H26 for a tape from 19 mm. Metal construction ensures long-term and reliable functionality of the strapping tool Regular for tapes of […]

PES strapping tapes

Previous Next PES polyester straps are designed for packaging extremely heavy loads such as building materials. Strapping is done with self-locking clips using hand strapping tools. These tapes are produced with a width of 8mm with different strength and most often in a white colour. Tapes are longitudinally glued, and longitudinally or transversely knitted. High […]

PP strapping tapes

Previous Next Polypropylene tapes are used for strapping boxes of goods during transportation and for securing goods on pallets. Tapes are suitable for fixing goods at a low price and can be used for strapping of goods of all sizes. When selecting the straps and using them, it is recommended that the sum of the […]

PET strapping tapes

Previous Next Polyester tapes are suitable for strapping of heavy goods and pallets during transportation. It is more durable and stronger than PP tapes. PET tape is characterized by its green colour and has been developed as a reliable replacement for steel strapping, but with 50% savings. Use for heavier pallet units and unstable bales […]