Fresh food roll

Previous Next New food hand film, which is designed for food packaging and its direct contact. It provides perfect protection for food products. Dalus-Tichelmann is a direct producer of the new type of food foil built on the newest technology with a lower thickness, environmental friendliness and overall lower material consumption. It is suitable for […]

MaxStretch Hand/Machine Roll

Previous Next MaxStretch film is categorized as a special film because of its progressive qualities as stretch films. The foil guarantees a high degree of fixation with stretching up to 150%. Also, it ensures maximum, but gentle and economical fixation while achieving high utility properties and maintaining minimized packaging weight. MaxStretch film is designed for standard […]

CastWrap AirMAXX Hand/Machine Roll

Previous Next CastWrap AirMAXX is a macro-perforated stretch hand/machine foil for hand wrapping and semi-automatic/automatic wrapping machines ensuring stability of the load on the pallet and allowing perfect air flow. The foil is suitable for packaging medicines, beverages, dairy products, fresh food, pet food, and others. AirMAXX is classified in special films due to its […]